Belview Port


The nearest Irish multi-modal port to mainland Europe

Located in South Kilkenny, just 4 miles from Waterford City, the port at Belview is the nearest Irish multi-modal port to mainland Europe.

Currently home to 23 businesses with more than 600 employees.

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Strategically placed within two hours of Ireland’s major cities

Belview is strategically placed within two hours of Ireland’s major cities – Dublin and Cork. It is a natural hub for the integration of shipping, road and rail freight services and is connected via an exceptional road and rail network. It offers those involved in the shipment of goods an efficient and cost-effective service with savings in both time and fuel

Considerable experience handling all types of cargo

The port has considerable experience handling cargo including -containerised cargo, liquid bulk, bulk and break bulk cargo. Belview has significant experience in cargo associated with renewable energy activities thanks to the wide open and covered quays, as well as extensive storage areas.

265 hectares of zoned land and extensive land banks

The area includes the berths, port operational area, open and covered warehousing, storage areas and farmland zoned for future port related developments. All our structures are regularly maintained. We also work closely with Kilkenny County Council to ensure careful development of the area.

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