Moving to Kilkenny

Kilkenny is an attractive location for talented people and their families to live and work with a quality of life that other locations in Ireland can’t offer.

Kilkenny people have some of the shortest commutes in Ireland, with 64% of people who live there travelling 30 minutes or less to work versus 48% of people in Dublin.


If your thinking about making the move to one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and work among companies that are known worldwide, then make Kilkenny your destination. Careers Kilkenny was an event that was held to highlight some of the best companies in Kilkenny and an opportunity for job seekers to engage with these employers on a face to face level. The day was a huge success with many securing employment as a result, take a look for yourself at some of the highlights.

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  • Very competitive house prices – average asking price for a 4-bed is only €215,000 versus €425,000 in Dublin.
  • Very competitive rental market with average rents of €643 in Kilkenny versus €1,399 in Dublin (based on a 2-bed home).
  • 800 new homes to be built in the western environs of the city and 200 homes planned for Ferrybank in South Kilkenny, just a short drive from Belview port.
  • €7.4m in funding available to deliver a mix of private and rental accommodation at affordable prices and rents in Kilkenny City and Ferrybank.
  • Kilkenny is the perfect place to raise a family as all the necessary facilities and amenities are on your doorstep.


  • Kilkenny is served by 79 primary schools, including national schools, special schools and private schools.
  • 16 secondary schools with three of them making the top 10 in the province.
  • Children are entitled to free primary and secondary education with the majority of schools being state-funded.
  • Three third level facilities within 30 minutes including Waterford IT, IT Carlow and NUI Maynooth.

Health & Childcare

  • A wide variety of services to support the local community including three public hospitals, one private hospital and 25 health centres across the city and county.
  • A wide range of childcare facilities including Montessori, pre-school and day care.

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