Why Kilkenny?

Kilkenny is the place where business succeeds. It is a unique commercial location in the heart of Ireland with a capacity to attract high calibre talent. It is a vibrant place to live and work, steeped in history and rich in culture. Kilkenny is the place where people come not only to make a living but to make a life.

Top 5 Reasons

1. Exceptional Location

If your business success depends on international connectivity, Kilkenny is the location for you.

Kilkenny is…

  • the closest city to Dublin and just 70 minutes from Dublin Airport via the national motorway system;
  • well connected to Dublin with 7 daily commuter rail services and 9 daily Bus Express Services;
  • a gateway to Ireland’s four other cities – Waterford, Cork, Limerick and Galway, thanks to quality infrastructure via road and rail;
  • home to Ireland’s closest multi-modal port to Europe at Belview.

2. First Choice for Success

Kilkenny is already home to a number of successful international businesses and start-up enterprises with companies such as State Street, Glanbia and Cartoon Saloon calling Kilkenny home.

Kilkenny has…

  • a buzzing entrepreneurial culture with numerous start-ups making Kilkenny their home;
  • a dedicated Local Enterprise Office whose aim is to support job creation, foster innovation and address the needs of existing and new investment from SMEs and multinationals;
  • substantially lower business costs than Dublin;
  • high capacity fibre optic networks;
  • excellent amenities and corporate entertainment facilities.

3. Unparalleled Property Solutions

Kilkenny has an array of unparalleled commercial ready property solutions suitable to a variety of businesses and their operations.

Kilkenny delivers…

  • an outstanding new 10-acre mixed use development site with significant business opportunity in the heart of Kilkenny city at the Abbey Quarter;
  • 147 hectares of commercial ready serviced land including, business & technology parks and warehousing land;
  • a choice of property ideal for corporate headquarters, office developments, ICT, financial and business services, craft & creative industries, manufacturing operations and agri-food companies;
  • a development ready strategic industrial investment zone at Belview – with existing water, wastewater, gas and power infrastructure, sea port access and direct access to the national motorway system.

4. High Calibre Talent

Good people are hard to find. Good people are what make a business and Kilkenny has and attracts good people in abundance.

Kilkenny offers…

  • access to a young and flexible highly skilled talent pool;
  • a population of 498,000 within a 60km radius and one of the fastest growing populations in the country;
  • two third level facilities within 30 minutes, producing 3,500 graduates per year from Waterford IT & IT Carlow;
  • an attractive location for high-calibre people and their families to live and work.

5. A Great Place to Live

Steeped in history, Kilkenny has a vibrant cultural and sporting lifestyle which is hard to find anywhere else.

Kilkenny is…

  • a cosmopolitan city with a rich medieval heritage and home to the famous Medieval Mile;
  • an award-winning location with superior quality of life and one of the friendliest cities in the world;
  • a creative hotspot and home to the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, Cartoon Saloon, Lighthouse Studios and Grennan Mill Craft School;
  • home to a thriving food culture with an abundance of gourmet eateries including Michelin Star restaurants;
  • the City of Festivals with world-renowned festivals such as the Kilkenny Arts Festival, the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival and Kilkenomics.

Thinking of moving to Kilkenny?

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