€4.3 Million for active travel projects

€4.3 Million for active travel projects

The National Transport Authority and Minister for Transport, Deputy Eamon Ryan, T.D., in announcing funding under the Rural Active Travel Investment Programme has allocated funding in the sum of €4,333,000 for Active Travel projects in Kilkenny.  This will see a number of projects completed in the City and County in 2021 and others planned for implementations in future years.

On hearing the announcement, Cathaoirleach of Kilkenny County Council, Cllr. Andrew McGuinness, said:  “I am delighted to see so many projects being funded in the City and throughout the County.  These projects will improve connectivity in our City and County Urban Areas and make our roads and footpaths safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.  Funding for future projects in the City will provide additional pedestrian/cycling bridges, increased use of our laneways and an increased focus on active travel for healthier forms of connectivity.”

Minister Ryan stated:  “Today’s allocation marks another significant step forward in providing green sustainable transport options to those outside of the large urban centres.  Developing high quality walking and cycling facilities will encourage more people to switch to active travel and will contribute to tackling climate change.  Connecting communities and making walking cycling attractive, safe and accessible to everyone is what this funding will help to accomplish.”

A total of 26 projects in Kilkenny City and Council will benefit from this funding to include:  Kilkenny City Demarcation and Gateways; One Way System at Bridge Street, Callan; Footpath development at various locations;  Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes, Safe Schools Zones.


Project Code:       Project Name                                                                                                          2021 Allocation
KK/21/0001             City Centre Traffic Management Plan                                                                        €100,000
KK/21/0002            Parliament Street Improvement                                                                                  €135,000
KK/21/0003            Cootes Lane to Ring Road                                                                                             €120,000
KK/21/0004            Public Lighting Improvements along footpaths, walkways and cycleways        €120,000
KK/21/0005            St. Kieran’s Street, Mary’s Lane & Market Yard Enhancement Works               €50,000
KK/21/0006            Carnegie Plaza & Barrack Lane                                                                                    €50,000
KK/21/0007            Laneway & Street Network to West of City Centre                                                  €50,000
KK/21/0008           Safe School Zones                                                                                                            €100,000
KK/21/0009           City Demarcation & Gateways                                                                                     €538,000
KK/21/0010            Radial Cycle Routes Improvements                                                                           €100,000
KK/21/0011             New River Crossings                                                                                                     €50,000
KK/21/0012            Linear Park Boardwalk & Greensbridge Upgrade                                                   €50,000
KK/21/0013            Linear Park Ancillary Improvements                                                                        €50,000
KK/21/0014            Inner Orbital Cycling Route                                                                                         €50,000
KK/21/0015            Ring Road Cycle Facility Upgade                                                                                €50,000
KK/21/0016            Ancillary Cycling Facilities                                                                                           €50,000
KK/21/0017            Bridge Street Callan, One Way System                                                                       €1,100,000
KK/21/0018           Callan Bypass (N76) shared surface                                                                            €500,000
KK/21/0019           Flaggy Lane Callan footpath and cycleway                                                                 €70,000
KK/21/0020          Freshford pedestrian improvements and bus access                                               €100,000
KK/21/0021           Footpath development (various locations)                                                                €300,000
KK/21/0022          Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure                                             €100,000
KK/21/0023          Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes                              €200,000
KK/21/0024          Light Segregation Cycle Schemes                                                                                €100,000
KK/21/0025          Urban Mobility Plans/Active Travel Network Plans                                               €100,000
KK/21/0026          Low-Cost Permeability Measures                                                                                €100,000





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